The last stage we have reached in the past volume of Ancient Egypt is the great happenings, great reform, exciting political developments and the new social systems which had taken place at the time of Ptolemy II whose age is indeed considered an age of welfare and success both inside and outside the Egyptian state in accordance to the hopes of his family and himself and also in accordance with the hopes of the occupying Hellenic population.

Indeed, in the days of this ruler, Egypt has apparently reached a level in agriculture, commerce and industry which it had never reached before in the days of its greatest pharaohs in all its ancient history. Egypt's occupation expanded in Asia, the Ega Sea and the Nubian lands to reach further than the greatest of pharaohs dreamt of. There is no wonder in this, for all conditions were ready for Ptolemy II to reach what he has reached of power, wealth and control upon ascending the throne of Egypt. His father Ptolemy I has left him a stable and great empire both inside and outside Egypt. It is apparent that he followed in the footsteps of his father and went a long way in accordance with his plan in financial and scientific progress which made his age an example for welfare and worldwide control which he enjoyed among neighboring Hellenic kingdoms, which surrounded him at that time in history of the modernised world which was founded by Alexander the Great.


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