Now, one may ask what made the first Ptolemies succeed in controlling Egypt, their achieving progress inside it and extending control and their empire outside it? The answer to this question no doubt is related to two main reasons.

The first of these two reasons that the Ptolemies after stabilizing their kingdom and grip over Egypt, discovered that they do not have a single population but instead have two different populations that are not closely tied with respect to origins, religion or culture. These two peoples are the occupying Hellenic people and the helpless Egyptian people. Right from the beginning, each of those two peoples looked at the other in their own way. The Hellenic population looked at the Egyptian population from the angle of the ruling class to those being ruled or in other words the look of an occupier to those under his control; wanting to take all their physical and financial resources to increase their own wealth and live an idle well-fare life on their own expenses. On the other hand, the Egyptian population, which had only recently lost its freedom, looked at those occupiers a look full of hatred and envy. This becomes even more clear to us when we know that the Egyptian population from their early days had taken utmost care to keep their customs and traditions and have remained like that till the arrival of Islam to Egypt.


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