Ptolemy II was the first to clearly grant the Egyptian clergy what they desired. He kept erecting large temples in the north and in the south of the country. He also rebuilt old temples. He was thus no different in what he has established of religious buildings than the greatest of pharaohs in their most glorious times. There is a whole chapter about the outstanding religious buildings that were established at the time of Ptolemy II. In that chapter we talk about the new temples he has erected and the ones he has rebuilt. Among the temples which he has rebuilt is the Temple of Isis. This temple has been preserved for us till this day. It is considered one of the most prised gems the Ptolemies have left us with respect to architecture, art and Ancient Egyptian religion from the pictures and symbols engraved on it.

Despite the fact that Ptolemy II has established many Ancient Egyptian temples which indicates that Egypt at that time had been experiencing a period of great wealth and that they were living a luxurious life, yet this did not apply but to the group of occupying Hellenes and the Egyptian and Greek clergy only. As for the original Egyptian people, in other words the class of farmers and laborers, they worked hard not for themselves but to fulfill the desires of the king who worried about nothing else other than gathering money to spend on his wars to extend his kingdom on neighboring countries or to spend it on his own pleasures and those of the men that surrounded him who were all foreigners. It is therefore believed that the seeds of the downfall which took place in Egypt after the Rafah battle go back to the time of Ptolemy II who had drained the energy of the Egyptians.


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